Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

The benefits of infant massage have been enjoyed in other cultures for centuries, and now Deepfeet clients can help their babies enjoy this gift of touch also. Infant massage is performed by a certified blue-card holder who will perform each stroke carefully with you present so you are confident the babies adjust to being massaged.

Infant Massage Australia lists the many benefits of infant massage:

  • It is fun and enjoyable for both baby and parent
  • Helps both baby and parent to relax
  • Encourages baby to sleep deeper and longer
  • Improves colic and constipation and calms irritable babies
  • Boosts a baby’s Serotonin levels which is known to reduce the risks of SIDS
  • Establishes a close, loving communication and relationship with your baby
  • Provides opportunity for fathers to spend quality time with their babies
  • Strokes can be adapted for use on babies and children with special needs to help them reach their potential
  • Massage can also be adapted for use with children of all ages. Babies and children who are massaged regularly are more likely to have a secure relationship with parents and so tend to have better relationships with others, both as children and adults
  • Benefits flow onto the next generation as parents tend to parent as they themselves were parented

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