Healthy Aging

Therapeutic massage can help you feel better and move more freely, counteracting the most obvious symptoms of aging – depression and stiffness.  While aging is a normal process, we do not need to hurry it along – do we?  In fact, one of the hottest fields of research at the monent is longevity enhancement!

Some general effects of aging include a decrease in general motility and muscular strength, slower nerve conduction, less tissue elasticity, thinner and dryer skin, loss of bone mass, decreased function of the senses, and a less efficient immune system.  It has been found that chronic stress accelerates the aging process, as does inactivity.

Circumstances of loss and frustration can also lead to increased stress and premature aging.  Emotional, physical or financial shocks, for example, can lead almost overnight to changes associated with years of aging.  The healthy, caring touch that massage provides has been shown to provide positive benefits in these situations.  The massage need not be deep, as gentle relaxation massage also has power to heal in these circumstances.

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