Meet Deepfeet PL

We specialize in helping sufferers recover naturally without drugs and doctors. If you are hoping to recover from an illness, get your life back, and relieve pain then we can definitely help you. We are awesome at advancing REDOX supplementation for wellness and our accomplishments include:

PhD in biological science from the Australian National University

Work History:
Spent 10 years developing remedial massage therapy clinics serving over 10,000 people in rural Queensland

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
Research scientist at the University of California, San Diego
Outstanding internationally recognized researcher

Other Info:
Employed dozens of remedial massage therapists
Worked with chiropractors to relieve painful conditions
Worked as an actor for the Queensland Theatre Company
Prostate Cancer Survivor

When you want to recover naturally without drugs and doctors, we’re the ones who can help you with advancing REDOX supplementation for wellness. We have what it takes to help you and your loved ones recover from their illness, get their life back, and relieve pain!

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