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without diets, relaxation and exercise programs, sleep aids or expensive supplements.

The Science-fiction...

The cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber was a fictional medical treatment device based on the theories of Doctor Bathkin of Andros III and built by Doctor Elias Giger in the 2370s. According to its designer, the chamber was designed to keep cells energized by "teaching" them "new mitochondrial tricks". Necessary supplies required for its operation included anaerobic metabolites suspended in a hydrosaline solution and a neodymium power cell.

"The cells just say, 'that's it', and you, the unwary victim of cellular ennui, are quite literally bored to death."  – Elias Giger, 2373 (Star Trek "In the Cards")

The Reality...

DrJames Watson, Nobel Prize Laureate for the co-discovery of the double helix DNA, has theorized that insufficient mitochondrial ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species or REDOX Signalling Molecules) may be at the root of many health challenges, from cancer to type II diabetes to autoimmune and mystery illnesses.

"I postulate that diabetes, dementias, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers are accelerated—if not largely caused—by failure of the endoplasmic reticulum to generate sufficient oxidative redox potential for disulphide bonds to be formed." -   Dr. James Watson, The Lancet 2014.

Therefore, we are convinced that Watson's insights can be elaborated more explicitly into cancer by hypothesising that the therapeutic effect of physical activity in cancer relies on the restoration of the low ROS levels caused by cancerous metabolic rewiring.

Molenaar and van Noorden, The Lancet 2014.


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Buy Lyrica 150 mg - Can i buy Pregabalin online

Remember, Google is a SEARCH engine not a RESEARCH engine.  There is a lot of misleading and downright wrong information on the web written by people with no experience or knowledge of health and wellness.  ASEA is known to be a powerful modulator of Redox state, inflammation, and oxidative stress through the activation of endogenous antioxidant systems, The following are a selection of original research studies on the role of oxidative stress in diseases:

Prostate cancer:
Macular degeneration:
Degenerative Intervertebral Disc (bad back):
Autoimmune rheumatic diseases:
Neuropathic pain:
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases:
Exercise endurance:
Memory loss with age:
Senility and aging:

Here's how and why I believe...

My name is Dr David Stockwell PhD and I am a retired biological science researcher and stage IV prostate cancer survivor.

I've used ASEA to maintain my cancer remission while personally witnessing many other amazing recoveries in my friends and family.

I understand why the biochemistry of Redox signalling molecules is going to give you everything you need to accelerate your cellular regeneration and reverse the effects of aging and disease.

ASEA does not treat, cure, prevent or heal, it just supports and facilitates natural cellular communication processes in the body. Just like anything in life, communication and connection are the keys to success.

ASEA can only work with the genetic machinery your have, and every day you wait the effects of age create irreversible genetic damage.

Cellular signalling declines with age to 10% of what it was at birth.

Other changes occur in such organelles as the mitochondria and lysosomes where numbers are reduced, causing cells to function less efficiently. When the mitochondria decrease in function, metabolism is decreased to about 95% of capacity by age 50, and to 85% by age 70. This effect also ties in with a decrease in hormonal secretions. Cellular aging alters the tissues formed by these cells which, in turn, affect organ function. For instance, by the age of 85, lung capacity has decreased by 50%; muscle strength by 45%; and kidney function by 30%.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What People Often Get...

  • Increase energy and mental clarity will enable you to work longer, and smarter than before.
  • Reduce your spending on other supplements, and possible on prescription drugs and doctors bills
  • Living with better cellular efficiency, means more energy during the day and better sleep at night.
  • You will not be confused about the various supplements and treatments as the body takes over regeneration of tissues for you.
  • Boosts antioxidant defenses by 500% which can produce a rapid decrease in pain levels.

Research has shown that many types of pain are closely related to inflammation and uncontrolled ROS levels. Reduction of oxidation with anti-oxidants had a beneficial effect on pain levels. 

There are many testimonials of long term pain sufferers report reduction or going off various Rx pain medications after starting ASEA.
  • Think how good you will feel when you give it a try and experience many good years ahead after turning your health around.
  • So many people at the end of their rope and very unhappy because of physical conditions, find that within a week of drinking ASEA, feel like they have their life back.
  • See yourself sharing this with friends and family and significantly helping them with their chronic health problems.

So Here's The Bottom Line With ASEA Redox cell signalling supplement

As a preferred customer, you get a monthly supply of ASEA Redox water and Renu28 regeneration gel delivered to your door. You get free access to the support you need with step-by-step guidance through the entire process of taking ASEA from start to finish. You get a portal to manage your order and stop at any time. You get the exact molecules you need for your health success!  You get all of this for only $2-$10 per day depending on usage....about the price of a cup of coffee.

For Acting Now...

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: FREE sample of Renu28 revitalising gel

    Just fill out the form with your postal address, and I’ll send it out a sample of Renu28 revitalizing gel right away. There’s no catch. I’m doing this because I know you won’t believe it until you try it. All I need for you to do is to help with shipping and handling charges.   Real Value: $10 to $15.

  • Bonus#2: FREE Initial Health Consult

    I am opening my calendar to help you determine the best course of action for you, and if necessary explore your other natural health strategy options.  As always, I want you to achieve massive success! – Real Value: $100 to $150
  • Bonus #3: Group support

    Lifetime membership at the Redox Fans support group with FREE periodic online webinars and meetings.

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of between $110 and $160... but they're yours when you act now!

If you value your health, this is a low risk offer with massive potential benefits....

Here's How To Move Forward Right Now .  Go ahead and click the link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

To your good health!

Dr. David Stockwell Ph.D.

How Can You Say No Diet, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and other Supplements?

I know most nutritional authorities often recommend lifestyle changes and certainly they are important.  This is known in shorthand as the "D.R.E.S.S. for Success" protocol.  Let's consider each in turn:

Diet: Many people have previous experience with diets and food sensitivities so it is impossible to prescribe one diet that works for everyone.  In most cases the special diet is required due to damaged gut lining and there is a need to improve secretion of the glands for overall healthy digestion.  Research has shown that the molecules in ASEA upregulates the genes for healthy digestion.

Relaxation: There are two types of stressors: external and internal stressors. The external ones are something only you can do something about with meditation or lifestyle changes. The internal ones include hormone imbalances, cryptic bacteria and viruses, and injuries that chronically tax the bodies immune system.  Research has shown that the molecules in ASEA upregulates the genes for a healthy immune system.

Exercise: While most people would benefit from more exercise, the frail cannot exercise, and some like athletes wish to get better recovery from their existing exercise routines.  Research has shown that the molecules in ASEA upregulates the genes for cardiovascular and inflammatory response, producing greater mobility and faster recovery without additional exercise.

Sleep: Tricks and tips for getting more sleep are one thing, but poor sleep is largely due to hormonal imbalances that worsen with age.   Research has shown that the molecules in ASEA upregulates the genes for normalising the hormone system.

Supplements: There is no shortage of supplements on the market, but research has shown little benefit and in many cases poorer outcomes from taking supplements and 'natural' products.  The rarity of true deficiencies which is why most doctors don't advise supplements. ASEA restores the 'native' molecules produced in the bodies mitochondria which are known to be deficient in ALL people as we age.  Research has shown the a mild stimulation with Redox molecules activates a range of bodily defenses in a positive way.

So you see, in raising the level of REDOX signalling molecules, ASEA stimulates many vital body systems, and provides some of the benefits of exercise to those who are limited in this area, and this then contributes to sleep, relaxation and general - an 'insurance policy' for ongoing health.

Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee.

ASEA offers a 100% 30- day money-back satisfaction guarantee (less shipping charges) to all Preferred Customers, Retail Customers, and Associates.

  • Quality Assured

    ASEA produces its one-of-a-kind products in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility, and they are redox certified by a prestigious third-party lab.

  • Ethics and Integrity

    ASEA has nurtured a culture of ethics and integrity. It’s a global company built on a philosophy that embraces principle over profit and investment in people.

  • First in Class

    Protected by multiple patents, this new product has created an entirely new category in health and wellness.

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