I’d suggest a massage business. Let me show you 8 ways to make money from a simple health services business. Many how-tos in on the internet show a lack of real work experience and adaptability to the constraints of different businesses. The following 8 revenue streams are ones that I have found work in the field and are adaptable enough to to be implemented in most kinds of service business without too many overheads or disruption to the existing business.

The first 4 are services, the second 4 are products. Of these, the first 5 require a location, whether a physical clinic or a mobile facility. The last 3 can be done remotely and potentially automated over the internet.

Services – physical therapy such as massage.

Gift Cards – for the service. These are especially good at holidays Mothers Day and Christmas .

Discount Package – bulk buys of the service at up to 20% appeal to the most dedicated customer.

Value-added Services – special add on treatments that enhance the service.

Retail product sales over the counter – gels, in particular, are small and well recognized. Cosmetic benefits, as well as health and wellness, benefits well.

Commission on customer subscription products – gels and liquids – drop-shipping allows the fulfillment to be outsourced.

Associates recruitment to sell products on commission – network marketing in a services outlet .

Consulting or training – selling your expertise or educational courses in your service skill or business ability commands a good price and is an activity needed for the successful expansion of the business.
So check the list to see which you can implement to quickly generate more revenue.

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